Chris Collier selected as Labour candidate for East Sussex County Council

Meridian Labour are pleased to announce Chris Collier as our candidate for the Peacehaven Division at the upcoming East Sussex County Council election, on Thursday May 6th 2021.

Chris is currently a town and district councillor for East Peacehaven. In addition to being the leader of the Labour group at Lewes District Council, he is also a cabinet member within the co-operative administration.

"As part of the Co-operative Alliance in Lewes, I’m ensuring that residents in Peacehaven are able to speak directly to me or an officer of the council. I’m working directly with residents and local groups to start to make the improvements Peacehaven really needs.”

Chris Collier - A bit about me...

My father moved to Peacehaven in 1948, and still lives here. I live in Peacehaven East and walk and drive along the same poorly maintained pavements and road as the residents I represent. Growing up here, I went to school at what was Hoddern and is now Peacehaven Heights and I’m currently involved in the campaigning to keep it under local authority control.

Why change is important…

East Sussex County Council is currently run by a small group of Conservatives. None of these councillors are from within Lewes District, let alone Peacehaven. It’s vital that we don’t vote the same way again, or we just get more of the same. I’m offering a choice of something different. I want to put in place the same openness, transparency and accountability that I offer at the Town and District councils. If we want to see change in Peacehaven, we will have to make it happen.

If you’d like to talk to Chris about any local issues, please use one of the following methods:

Phone: 07946 446033